Welcome to Aegis!

Please read in FULL before applying.

The application form may take a little while to fill in completely, therefore we recommend that you create your characters name, history, appearance and personality as fully as possible before beginning. Please also keep a copy saved on your computer or in your email account as a precaution.

Please note that while we are officially adhering to the new Canon, we are happy to consider characters and/or events from the Legends continuum. We only ask that you contact staff about this beforehand so we can make sure nothing clashes and work it into the official site canon. We are not currently accepting the following:

  • Any canons who weren't alive immediately following the Battle of Yavin. So Rey, Finn, Poe, Kylo Ren, etc are all not born yet.
  • Original characters who have details (name, history, talents etc.) too close to those of a Canon character.
  • Any new relatives or lovers of canon characters, unless this has been cleared with the player of the canon and/or staff.
  • Any application with less than one hundred words in the History, Appearance, Personality, and Role Play sample sections.
  • Existing Jedi (unless cleared with staff).
  • Existing Sith (unless cleared with staff).

    We have a system wherein you can earn points by writing, which you can spend on being force sensitive and becoming a jedi or sith, as well as purchasing special skills and building a droid and a lightsaber, etc. As such, these are things you will not be able to have from the start until you have earned the points to purchase the items.

    We reserve the right to decline any application that fails to adhere to the guidelines.

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