Each of these rules applies to ALL areas of the site unless otherwise stated.

Onsite Behaviour

Aegis is an roleplay intended for fun and to improve the writing skills of our member base while taking place in a universe that we all know and love.

Firstly and foremost, while you are not expected to get along with everybody, it is important to remember that behind every screen is a person. So you will be expected to treat other members with respect and courtesy, please treat others as you wish to be treated.

Things such as bullying, provoking and harassment will not be tolerated on Aegis, in any shape or form. Prejudice and discrimination, such as racism, sexism, homophobia etc will not be tolerated either.

If a member is making you feel uncomfortable or upset, please contact a staff member as we cannot fix a problem unless we know about it and it is our job to make sure that Aegis is a comfortable and safe environment for you. Likewise if you are told by another member or by a staff member that your behaviour is causing discomfort, even if it was not your intention, it is very important to listen and acknowledge that you have done so.

This also applies if a staff member makes you upset or feel uncomfortable, in this case please contact an admin (either Roxanne or Cordelia). The problem will be handled anonymously, as the Staff are people too and we sometimes get things wrong so it is preferable for us to know this so that we may fix it.

Site Rating and Content

Due to the nature of the Star Wars films and the war environment of the plot, Aegis has been rated PG-15, so all members under 15 years of age must have a parent's or guardian's permission and be able to handle mature themes.

On Aegis we have a site rating system, pinned in the OOC Chat - similar to those found in movies. All threads must clearly be marked in the style shown in the thread and all triggering content must be appropriately marked, it is our aim to make Aegis safe and welcoming for everyone. Part of this means that people must be able to avoid content which they do not wish to see, please bear in mind while you may be comfortable with a particular subject not everyone will be.

Due to the site rating and general subject matter, we would like to ask that characters be at least 16 years of age. However, with staff permission, you may make a slightly younger character if you have a reason for it. For example a 14 year old character who is a Queen and would have plenty of reason to interact with various people.

While child soldiers are something that happens in this universe, it is still a rather uncomfortable grey area and we would prefer it being reduced to general backstory rather than something being explicitly played out.

Hacking & Copyright Infringement

Here on Aegis we take such things as hacking very seriously, whether an attempt to hack Aegis is successful or not it will result in reporting to the Internet Security Authorities and to ISPs.

The content of Aegis for the security of the site and our members is licensed under the Creatives Commons License. Attempts to steal content such as images, layouts, buttons, graphics or any part of the site will be dealt with seriously.


While the RPing Community is a wonderful place that brought us all together, we ask that no sites be advertised unless they are an affiliate or you have permission from an administrator.

Privacy/Sharing Information

For concerns of member privacy, in particular the minors on site - we ask that no member shares personal information or photographs unless they are above 18 years of age or have parental permission to do so.

Face Claims/Graphics

As we don't want unnecessary confusion, we ask that the person you are using to portray your character (actor/model/musician etc) is claimed in the Face Claim thread. For the sake of clarity, we ask that you only use the face claim that has been approved for your character and we do not allow doubling up except in the case of twins or clones. More rules concerning the face claims may be found in the appropriate thread, please make sure you read it carefully before claiming!

As Star Wars contains a variety of species, we know not all of our characters will be human. So in the case of graphics, we kindly ask that you do not use cosplays or fanart etc without permission. A Staff Member may check that you do have permission granted, so please make sure that you have screenshots etc so that we can be sure it's alright!


Please read our RPing guidelines for further information, but we kindly request that you post at least 75 words in an RP thread and at least 5 in a non RPing thread.

Sharing/Multiple Accounts

The Staff of Aegis politely requests that no one shares an account for security purposes, if you have a friend or relative who wishes to join the site - please let us know in advance so that we can account for this!

Members may have as many characters as they wish, provided they show they can actively handle them all and have paid for them via credits.

Edited by Roxanne Starfallen