Role-Playing Guidelines


Aegis is a site founded on improvement, so we certainly won't expect you to have a fully well rounded character out of the gate and write flawlessly. We encourage you to think about your character as you develop them and to focus on the bad as well as the good! While the Rebellion is fighting for a good cause, they have been forced to do morally grey things such as killing in the name of restoring peace for example.

Try to develop your character as much as you can, think about their hobbies, why are they on the side that they are? What do they hope for once the fighting is over? Do they think it will ever be over.

With the exception of some canon characters, we ask that characters be entirely original. Some Legends (former EU) characters may be adapted to fit the site, but please make sure you go to a Staff member to check its okay first. No crossover characters will be permitted (as fun as the Harry Potters and Dinah Lances of the world are), as we want the focus to be on you and your writing and what you shape the world into!

Posting Etiquette

We ask that all RPing posts be at least 75 words minimum, while we don't expect you to write thousands upon thousands of words - we do ask that you try your best to match your RPing partners length wise as this is the politest thing to do.

Also please don't control another person's character that does not belong to you, unless you have permission from the player to do so. Please make sure your character knows things that they would know IC, for example Jane Doe is a deep cover Rebellion spy, your character would not know that Jane is a spy unless Jane told them or they are high enough ranking in the Rebellion to know.

RPing is all about the collaborative experience, writing that you killed someone instantly without the player's response or permission is no fun! Try to work out a fight scene with the other player that has consequences you are both happy with, the key is always communication.

If you are not comfortable with how a thread is going, talk to your partner!

In addition, if an RP is marked as Open then anyone is welcome to join it. However if it is marked with a character's name, then it is closed to that character only - if you would like to join it please get permission from the other players first!

The Setting
Make sure you bear in mind our setting when plotting and creating your characters, the Star Wars universe is beloved to all of us here on Aegis but it is not necessarily a happy one. Especially during our plot where the Rebels are in open rebellion against the Galactic Empire, imperial occupation is a harsh thing and many people have been hurt or killed.

While not everyone who works for the Empire is "evil", some have been brainwashed into believing that it is the right thing, some have gone along with it for the sake of their lives and those of their loved ones. It is important to remember that at its core, the Imperial Ideology is absolute dictatorial rule from the Emperor, no democracy and a ruthless crushing of all those who oppose it. Not everyone might be "bad" but many people are dead or harmed because of the Empire, Alderaan is gone and millions more will suffer before the fighting is over.

Likewise the Rebel Alliance in their search to overthrow the Emperor and restore peace to the galaxy have done things which they had not set out to do. Some might say that a righteous cause would cancel out any wrongdoing, but the rebels will have to live with the things they have seen and done.

While in a small number of cases, people from opposing factions may form a friendly or romantic relationship please bear in mind the personalities and plot of those involved. It is unlikely if your Imperial character has tortured and attacked your Rebel character that they would form a romantic relationship or be attracted to each other.

Conflict is one thing but toxicity in relationships is another and we, the Staff would prefer to avoid this in order to protect our younger members and those who have been in relationships of that kind before. Should your plot veer in that direction, we will speak with you privately. Policing plots is the opposite of what we want to do here, but we will prioritize people's safety and comfort over any plot.

It is important to note that the Galaxy is not a fun place to live in right now, should you be orphaned you will have to look out for yourself and you'll always have to watch your back.

As they say, May the Force Be With You!