The Galaxy

A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away...

The Galaxy of Star Wars is one of many galaxies in existence, but one of great space travel and much technological advance. While some would not have ever left their home planet, many will have traveled far and wide.

The Galaxy consists of: Deep Core, Core Worlds, Colonies, Inner Rim, Expansion Region, Mid Rim, Outer Rim Territories, Unknown Regions and Wild Space.

As there are so many planets, we'd suggest Wookiepedia as a great asset and help for you! Just please make sure to check with a staff member that it is part of our site canon first!

We have also provided an outline of the Imperial and Rebellion ranks (rebellion is posted first then the Empire) in our canon, they are posted below and if you are unsure about where your character would fall - please ask a staff member!

Currently we are set in 0BBY, just after the destruction of Alderaan and prior to the Battle of Yavin. There was no tracker on the Falcon, so the Empire remains unaware (for now) of the Rebel base.



In regards to The Force, we have established our force sensitive abilities list which you may find below. Force sensitive characters come with a few pre-established abilities, a force sensitive character may choose two extra from the lists below and an ex-Jedi character may choose three. You may purchase extra abilities for a credits cost, please see the credits listing for more information. Light force users and dark force users may only choose abilities from their respective lists, grey force users may choose a mixture.

If you are interested in an ability that is not listed but is located on the wiki for example, please contact a staff member.

When applying for a force sensitive character or purchasing it, please make sure you alert a staff member to the abilities you wish them to have.

Default Force Sensitive Abilities: Heightened senses, force push, force trance & force jump.

Light Force Abilities: force shield, force healing, Jedi mind trick, force cleansing, force cloak, force blinding, tutaminis, force vision, battle meditation, consitor sato, force light, force defend, force stun, force stasis, force empathy, combustion, force suggestion, psychometry, force stealth, force speed.

Dark Force Abilities: Force corrupt, force rage, force lightning, force shadow, pyrokinesis, darkshear, drain knowledge, deadly sight, dark illusion, force possession.

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