Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play a Sith character?

In canon, there are only two Sith characters at a time which currently are Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. Therefore we will not be accepting any Sith characters at this current time, however you are more than welcome to play a dark force user.

Can I play a Jedi?

Within reason. At this period of time, all the Jedi (at least the knights and masters) were considered to be exterminated by Order 66 and are considered to be almost mythical in status. However it is an item that can be bought with our points system, but please think carefully about this and how/why they escaped.

Can I play a force sensitive character?

Yes, this is something that can be bought. A force sensitive character comes with a set amount of force abilities see LIST, however please bear in mind that they would not be trained and play this accordingly. Training is also available to be bought, but this must be played out IC and you must have a mentor to teach you.

Are Legends (former EU) characters available to play?

This will be treated on a case by case basis! Here we follow canon as it is currently established, as such Legends continuity is non canon. However if you have a Legends character that you think could fit on site or could be adapted to fit, or if you have a Legends concept you wish to apply to your character that also could fit within our canon then please contact a staff member!

Can we use movie fcs for original characters?

As long as they are not portraying a character in the current timeline, e.g. John Boyega, Daisy Ridley etc and the character is entirely original and bears no similarity to the existing canon character. Then yes, you may use them.

Can I play a gungan?

As long as it isn’t Jar Jar…

Can I play a Canon Relative?

Not unless it is of a minor character and you have staff permission to do so!

Edited by Roxanne Starfallen