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Face Claim Rules:

1. Requested portrayers must be age appropriate. If your character is a teenager, please do not request a 40 year old actor to portray them. Try to stay within a ten year age range. If your requested portrayer is too much older than your character, we have the right to ask you to choose a different portrayer.

2. Requested portrayers must be appropriate for your character's heritage as well as your character's family's heritage. Please make sure that you are not whitewashing when selecting your portrayer. If your character is described as a person of color then you must choose an appropriate faceclaim, likewise if you have a white character and choose a faceclaim who has a different ethnicity - you will be asked to change this. Please also keep in mind the ethnicities of families, down to the exact heritage! It is obviously inappropriate to have a person of Asian heritage to be biological siblings with a Latinx person for example. It is also not okay to have a character with a faceclaim from one Latinx culture be biological siblings with another character with a faceclaim who shares none of the first's culture/heritage.

3. Check how many images are available for your chosen portrayer BEFORE requesting. If you request someone and get added to the list only to then discover that they do not have enough decent pictures to use in signatures, you will still have to pay to change portrayers.

4. Post a picture of your chosen portrayer along with their name. This can be in an [*img]URL[*/img] code (take out the * from each side) or just the url to the picture. If the url to your picture does not work, you will not be added to the list.

5. Do not use your requested portrayer in graphics until AFTER you have been added to the list. If you are already using a signature or an avatar with your requested portrayer when we see your request, you will not be added to the list until you remove said signature. Once your character is on the list, THEN you may put up graphics that show that portrayer.

6. Inactive characters are removed from the list every couple of months. Once an inactive character (any character who has not posted on the forums within 3 months) is removed from the list, their portrayer is available to be requested by others.

Members may not request already claimed/listed face claims. We have audits to remove inactive characters from the list, and if you want an already claimed face for your character you will have to wait for them to be removed before trying to claim them.

7. If your character is removed from the portrayer list for inactivity, you will be asked to pay credits to reclaim your portrayer. If the portrayer you were using has already been claimed by someone else, you will have to choose a different portrayer.

8. Portrayer changes cost 750 credits. This fee is only applied to changes, not your original request. Once your character is on the list, then it will cost you to change portrayers. If your character is not on the list yet, then there is no fee to request a portrayer (unless you are being re-added to the list as stated in rule 7).

9. The wait between switching portrayers is 1 month. If you have requested a portrayer, you may not request a change (even with the required credits handy) until you have used your current portrayer for at least one month. You can only change your portrayer a maximum of three times.

10. When requesting a portrayer change, be sure to include which portrayer you are wanting replaced. It safes us the hassle of having to go through the whole list to look for duplicates.
If you would like to get some suggestions for possible portrayers from your fellow Aegisans, please visit the portrayer suggestion thread.

11. For your convenience you can use the coding below for requesting/changing portrayers.
[*url= ]Face Claim[*/url] - Character Name (after the URL, insert the link to picture of character's requested face claim, remove the *)

12. UNAVAILABLE FACES: We reserve the right to deny faces we find distasteful/offensive. Unavailable are the following people who do not want anybody to use their faces on any RP site and may consider legal action if they are. If anybody knows of any others that need to be added to this list, please contact a staff member: Alice Cheynet, Lara Jade, Zoe Kimball, Lauren Peralta, Freida Rose, TwiggX, Cameron Ugh, Nikki Nevermore, Samantha Cormier, Ira Vampira, Ian Nelson

13. MOVIE FACES: Star Wars FCs are automatically reserved for their canons, you may use a portrayer from the sequel trilogy (i.e. John Boyega, Daisy Ridley etc) as long as they are not ripping off their canon counterpart (no history similarities etc). For the sake of clarity, we ask that no faces from the prequel trilogy be used for original characters, for the time being.

14. NON HUMAN CHARACTERS: As not all characters are human, you are allowed to use cosplay and fanart, provided you have permission from the original owner. The Staff will check to make sure, you must also credit the artist/cosplayer. Stock photos and gifs are also permitted to be used.


Celebrity Name - Character Name



Alia Bhatt - Kianne Graves-Dirpa
Alejandra Alonso - Hera Syndulla
Alycia Debnam-Carey - Adira Revik
Amandla Stenberg - Zizzy Laval
Amber Heard - Adeline Finch
Ana de Armas - Shara Bey
Anna Popplewell - Venussia Broxyn
Armie Hammer - Phoebus Makintay



Billie Piper - Seren Auster



Chloe Bennet - Carter Tawspin
Choi Seung Hyun - Braken Argo
Chris Evans - Marius Kelen



Daisy Ridley - Karine Lanon
David Tennant - Feodor Covelin
Douglas Booth - Hector Ausatha
Dove Cameron - Musca Lacaille
Dwayne Johnson - Tahd Soturi



Eiza González - Roxanne Starfallen
Elliot Knight - Arii Miu
Emeraude Toubia - Jayna Ornonsa
Ezra Miller - Avix Fel



Felicity Jones - Jyn Erso



Gal Gadot - Natalya Libra



Harrison Ford - Han Solo
Hayley Atwell - Perry Fortem





Jason Momoa - Trigo Vannis



Karla Souza -Isfen Zendreth
Katherine McNamara - Iridessa Szlanko
Kaya Scodelario - Nyx Valerian



Lily Collins -Eida Koor
Lindsey Morgan - Callista Quint
Luke Mitchell : Jyrvygyn Random
Lyndsy Fonseca - Vatari Lysscol



Maia Mitchell - Ada Aasa
Maisie Williams - Nirea Karavis
Madelaine Petsch - Liora Solusar
Margot Robbie - Cordelia Malogaan
Mark Hamill - Luke Skywalker
Michael Fassbender - Matthias Kerrick



Nicholas Hoult : Aramis Skidder



Olivia Holt - Laurel Corona







Rosario Dawson - Ashoka Tano



Sebastian Stan - Zephyrus Voltaire
Sofia Boutella - Kassiopeia Anthean
Sophie Turner - Xenia Ausatha



Tatiana Maslany - Kasrix Augo
Tom Hardy - Ilar Ven
Tom Holland - Quell Met
Tyler Hoechlin - Jaevin Arkadia











Yahina Guzman - Rell Solan



Zac Efron - Kaidin Draskar
Zoe Kravitz - Anneale Genos
Zoe Saldana - Zyra Joxel

Edited by Cordelia Malogaan

Edited by Braken Argo

Edited by Braken Argo
When you have chosen a portrayer and checked the list to make sure that portrayer is available, please post a request in this thread and a staff member will update it as soon as possible.